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Leader in vehicle protection

For over 45 years, MetaSystem's expertise has led them to work with the largest manufacturers in the automotive industry. They supply factory original equipment and accessory line products to the majority of the world's car and motorcycle manufacturers.

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GPS tracker

Post-flight recovery solution

GPS plotters allow you to locate your vehicle and recover it safely in case of theft.
In the event of theft, the Ministry-approved alarm center locates the vehicle and guides the police to recover it as soon as possible. You do not have to intervene or take any risks.

All GPS trackers are accompanied by a intuitive mobile app which allows you to be connected directly to your vehicle.

Mobile apps

Benefit from connected security.

Be informed at all times on the status and position of your vehicle.
Our applications inform you in case of alerts.

Anti-theft alarms

Anti-theft protection solution

Our alarms protect your vehicle perimetrically and volumetrically, thus protecting its contents and detecting all theft attempts by instantly triggering a powerful self-powered siren.

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Why choose Meta System?

High-tech products that offer numerous guarantees.

The quality

All products meet the standards of the automotive and European manufacturers. Incert products are tested and certified to the highest standards of insurance companies' theft requirements to provide a very high level of protection and superior longevity.

Lifetime warranty

Lifetime warranty (1st owner) on all GPS trackers for complete peace of mind*.
3 years warranty on other product families.


More than 45 years of experience in the in-car technology sector. World leader in telematics with more than 11 million connected devices.


The characteristics of our products defy all competition in order to offer you the best quality/price ratio.

* Lifetime warranty applies to the first owner for all MetaTrak GPS trackers sold on or after July 1, 2022. This warranty covers manufacturing defects.

in Belgium

Imagine yourself for a moment without vehicle. What would you do with the current delivery times? Don't be the next victim and secure your vehicle now. We have solutions for all your needs, even the most demanding.

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*Figures taken from the Belgian Federal Police crime statistics for 2018.

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