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Parking sensor front and/or rear of PREMIUM category. This product is referenced by many car manufacturers. The installation of this product requires the intervention of a professional installer. The price varies according to the model of your vehicle and the material to be installed. Ask for advice at one of our specialized stores.

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Original aesthetics

As for an original installation, the sensors (4) are fixed by the interior of the bumper and are placed flush with the bodywork, without external cover. The aesthetic result is identical to the original system. You can paint them the same color as your bodywork to make them barely visible.

Active function

The same ease of use as in the original! The parking aid is activated when you shift into reverse and deactivated when you reach a sufficient speed. Depending on your needs, you can set the activation speed, the sound power and the obstacle detection distance.

Obstacle sensors

A very high sensitivity! Equipped with four very small sensors (14mm), the ActivePark is able to detect small obstacles on different types of terrain. It is compatible with a trailer or bull-bar coupling. It has a detection function in case of damage to the sensors.

Sound quality

Low frequency sound signal for better hearing! Did you know that the human ear has an easier time hearing low frequencies than high frequencies. That's why we equipped our parking aid with a low frequency speaker.



The installation of this product requires the intervention of a professional installer
The price may vary depending on the complexity of your vehicle and the equipment to be installed. Ask for advice or a quote from one of our specialist retailers.

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