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Theft assistance

In case of theft of your vehicle being equipped with one of the our GPS trackersContact the monitoring center immediately! Even abroad.

Emergency call 24 hours a day: +.32 (0)2 788 00 21

Security Monitoring Centre ensures the geolocation of stolen vehicles and informs the police support point in accordance with Belgian legislation (Royal Decree of 10/04/1990 and 17/05/2002). Alarm center approved by the Ministry of the Interior. Approval N° 16.1027.01 - class A/B/C/D.

Good to know: Any system that does not include an approved monitoring station will not be supported by the police.

Technical assistance

If you have any questions or problems, please do not hesitate to contact one of our specialized dealers. We work mainly with physical resellers who are able to ensure a local and quality after-sales service.

Our resellers

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