Answers to Questions about your installation

Alarm systems

I would like to obtain a duplicate of my remote control

In order to obtain a duplicate remote control, you must be in possession of the CODE CARD (red plastic card with a 16-character code) and a functional remote control.

Contact a dealer near you (see "Our dealers") or contact our technical partner:
Service Center Gent Bvba - Smetledestraat 74, 9230 Wetteren, Belgium
tel : 0032(0)9/231.82.52 - e-mail : - Website :

My alarm no longer responds to the remote control and seems to be blocked

Most of our alarms have an OVERRIDE code. You just have to follow the procedure mentioned in the user's manual for an emergency deactivation of the alarm. You will find the instructions for most of our products in the "Instructions" section of the site. The EasyCan alarms also have an automatic emergency deactivation function via the insertion of the ignition key and the reading of the transponder chip compatible with a large number of vehicles.

The alarm can in very rare cases get stuck due to power problems. We suggest that you do a "reset" by disconnecting the power supply for 30 seconds (or the vehicle's battery after making sure that it does not cause any problems for the vehicle).

My alarm goes off for no reason

The majority of our alarms are equipped with an alarm memory to indicate the cause of the triggering. If an alarm has been triggered, the LED indicator will flash a certain number of times when the alarm is deactivated. Refer to the user manual to identify the cause according to the number of times the LED flashes. NB: turning on the ignition of the vehicle erases the alarm memory.

Which batteries in my alarm remote (M100, M500, M2500 & TX Mykro)

The remote controls of the MetaSystem alarms generally work on the basis of 2 batteries of type CR1220 easily replaceable by the user. It is enough to slide them under the metal bridge.

GPS trackers & geolocation

The access codes I received by text message to connect to the MetaTrak Plus application do not work. What should I do?

When entering the password, it is important to pay attention to upper and lower case characters. It is sometimes possible to confuse a capital "i" with a lower case "L" or the number "8" with the letter "B" or an "O" with a zero "0"). These codes are temporary, the first time you connect to an application or web platform, you will be asked to change them to ensure the security of your access.

I lost my Metatrak access codes. How do I get new ones?

To receive new access codes, simply make a request via the contact page, indicating your chassis number or your MetaTrak contract number. We will send you your codes by SMS to the mobile phone number mentioned in your contract. Once sent back, the old codes are no longer valid.

Why do you receive calls from the alarm center?

Incert certified systems (insurance company) are connected to a central alarm station which ensures the monitoring. In case of alarm, they contact you by phone at the number listed in your contract. These calls can occur in case of absence of driver identification (TT2 and TT4), in case of disconnection of the system's power source (sabotage) or in case of towing (movement of the vehicle without the ignition on). These alerts are abnormal and if they should be repeated, we invite you to contact your installer to have your installation checked.

My MetaTrak system sends me driver ID failure alerts via text message, email and the MetaTrak Plus app

Your MetaTrak system can be equipped with identification badges. These badges are required every time you use your vehicle. If an alert is sent, the badge is not detected or is turned off. Remember to carry your badge with you each time you use your vehicle.

How do I check that my ID Tag is active?

The ID-Tag contains a red LED that blinks weakly every 4 seconds to indicate its proper functioning. If the led does not blink, you only have to press the central button 5 times within 10 seconds to activate it.

How do I change the battery in my ID-Tag?

The ID-Tag battery is easy to change. You just have to slide a screwdriver in the edge of the ID-Tag to open it. Then replace the battery (CR2032 3V) by the new one, respecting the polarity (negative on the printed circuit). Don't forget to reactivate the badge by pushing 5 times on the button and check that the LED lights up every 4 seconds.

My vehicle won't start and it is equipped with an immobilizer

Some tracking systems can be equipped with a deadlock module. Normally this should not be activated unless the vehicle is stolen. If the vehicle does not start, check via the MetaTrak Plus application to see if the immobilizer is not activated. If it is, deactivate it via the application.

Following a GSM jammer detection alert, my vehicle no longer starts

If your location-based system sends you a jamming detection alert, the immobilizer may have automatically activated to protect your vehicle. In this case, simply turn the immobilizer on and off via your MetaTrak Plus mobile app to return to a normal situation.

Is there an emergency solution to disable my immobilizer?

Yes, it is possible to disable this immobilizer function directly via the MetaTrak Plus application. In the absence of a GSM network, the application offers a backup solution via the Bluetooth of your smartphone. Please refer to the instructions for details.

Question about my subscription

My car has been stolen. What should I do?

Once you are sure that it is really a theft, immediately contact the alarm center at +32 2 788 00 21 and tell them the number of the police report (compulsory declaration of theft to the police - if not, in order not to lose time, the address of the police station where you will make the declaration).

The operator of the central alarm station asks me to identify myself. What is this about?

This operation is quite normal in order to identify you and is a legal obligation. Give him your password or your secret code. Be careful, these are not the codes allowing you to use the mobile application!

The secret code or password I received to identify myself does not suit me

No problem! Contact the administration at +32 2 788 00 21 for a code change and give them a code or password that suits you.

I want to cancel my contract, what should I do?

Please send us the cancellation request by email to specifying whether you wish to cancel your contract on its anniversary date or with immediate effect (in which case the system will no longer be functional). A confirmation email will be sent to you as soon as the cancellation has been processed by our services.

I am selling my car. Can I have the system installed in my new car?

Of course! The current system can be removed and reinstalled in your new vehicle. Make sure that this operation is not more expensive than a new equipment. Then ask your installer to adapt the data from your new vehicle to your existing contract (we can also do this on request). A confirmation email will be sent to you as soon as the changes have been made.

I sell my car and the new owner wants to take over the contract. How do I proceed?

You must authorize us to transfer your contract to the new owner. Your trip history will of course be deleted. The new owner must send us an email stating his intention to take over your contract. We need the following information from the new owner: name - first name - company + VAT number (if applicable) - date of birth - address - mobile phone number - email address - vehicle make and model - chassis number - registration number - insurance company + policy number

I bought a car equipped with one of your systems. How can I reactivate the system?

If the system is no longer under an active contract (in which case the former owner must first authorize the transfer), we can create a new service contract for you. Please provide us with all the necessary information (name - first name - company + VAT number (if applicable) - date of birth - address - mobile phone number - email address - vehicle make and model - chassis number - registration number - insurance company + policy number).

My insurer asks me for a certificate. Can you please provide it to me?

Only the installer (=Incert certified assembly station) can provide the Incert declaration of conformity (=attestation). We invite you to contact him directly.

Parking assistance systems

Does my parking aid sound different when I put the car in reverse?

Our parking aids have a self-diagnostic function. If a sensor is damaged or disconnected, the system will emit 1 to 4 higher pitched signals to warn and indicate which sensor is the problem.

Didn't find the answer to your question? Do not hesitate to contact our experts, we will answer you with pleasure.

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