Car & Utility Immobilizer

Solution against electronic theft

Our NO TAG - NO START technology protects your vehicle against the latest electronic theft techniques, key cloning or Mouse Jacking.
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car thefts are

The current flight techniques undermine the original safety of the modern vehicles. The Mouse Jacking allows to start a vehicle in a few seconds without leaving any trace of break-in.

Simple and efficient

Don't worry about anything

Alarm 2.0

Activate turn signals and horn

As soon as a forced attempt to start your vehicle is detected, our Immobilizer triggers the hazard lights and the horn to warn you of the theft and to scare the thief away (Function available on the BLE 42).
The 3 Mouse Jacking Theft Techniques

Our solution protects you against all these techniques

Relay attack

The signal produced by your key is relayed to transmitters, which make the vehicle believe that the key is present and thus allows the vehicle to start.

Hacking OBD

By connecting to the OBD, the thief tricks the vehicle into thinking your original key is present or programs a new key.

Lock signal jamming

Your vehicle's lock signal can be scrambled, making it easy for a thief to get into your vehicle and drive off with it.

Two solutions are available to you

Immobilizer unique


1x ID Tag
1x Immobilizer

Description : The BLE 42 has the advantage of offering you a solution against new theft techniques without the need for a subscription.

Immobilizer with GPS plotter

Last name : EasyTrak E-Theft Smart

Product :
2x ID Tag
1x Immobilizer
1x GPS Tracker EasyTrak Smart

Additional services:
- Approved assistance in case of theft 24/7
- Warns in case of attempted theft
- Mobile application MetaTrak Plus
- Connects your car in real time

Description : The EasyTrak E-Theft Smart allows you to benefit from the functionality of No Tag / No Start while allowing you to connect to your vehicle in real time via the mobile application. Its advanced detection of jamming attempt preventively activates the anti-starting function making any movement of the vehicle impossible and the use of a GSM jammer ineffective!

Make sure your car stays yours.

EasyTrak E-theft Smart* lifetime warranty to the first owner
3 year warranty on BLE42 IMMOBILIZER

The product can be installed on all types of vehicles including hybrid and electric

Acts effectively & preventively with discretion

Protects against all current hacking techniques

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Frequently asked questions

Why secure your vehicle against theft?

If stolen, they are very difficult to find.

The vehicles are not only stolen for resale. They are also used for the export of spare parts or for circuit racing. The likelihood of a stolen vehicle being recovered is very low, and even if it is recovered, it is not certain that the owner will be able to get it back. If the new owner has purchased the vehicle in good faith, he or she can keep it, even if it is proven to be stolen!

-> 96% stolen vehicles equipped with our EasyTrak GPS tracker are recovered by the police within 24 hours of the call to the alarm center.

Easy and quick to fly

Today's cars are much easier to steal than in the past. There is no longer any need to force the locks, electronic means make it possible to open the vehicle without a trace, and then to start it quickly. In Belgium, there are more than 18,000 thefts from/into vehicles every year.

-> Our EasyTrak GPS tracker instantly notifies you of theft.

What are the rules for recovering a stolen car with a GPS tracker?

Before buying a GPS tracker, it is important to know that in Belgium there are rules and laws regarding the recovery of stolen objects or vehicles. You have probably already heard about the stolen Smart Phones that can be geolocated but the police cannot intervene under penalty of breaking the law. Aberrant, isn't it? But that's the law.

Only GPS trackers, accompanied by a remote monitoring service approved by the Ministry, are effective in recovering stolen vehicles with the support of the police.

Why? Because as soon as the alarm center gets hold of the GPS tracker of the stolen vehicle, the location stops for the owner in order to respect the law aimed at protecting the privacy of the thief.

Are ineffective for post-flight recovery:

- Mobile applications and original vehicle trackers

- All trackers that do not include an approved alarm center

We have been selling GPS trackers since 2014 with products that meet the requirements of the market and the Belgian law. We have a range of products certified by the INCERT label proving the quality and efficiency of our products. Security is a job that we take very seriously and must be done in a very procedural and professional way.

How effective are GPS trackers without subscription?

If on the GPS tracker market there are products with or without paid subscription, it is because there are significant differences between these products that it is important to understand.

  • The first difference is that a GPS tracker without subscription does not have an approved monitoring center to recover a stolen vehicle. In Belgium, they are ineffective for the safety of a vehicle and are generally not intended for this purpose.
  • The second difference is the network they use. In the majority of cases, for cost reasons, GPS trackers without subscription use the Sigfox network to locate the vehicle. This network is less powerful, less present (antennas) and less precise than the EDGE or 4G mobile phone network. To recover a stolen vehicle, it is extremely important to have impeccable accuracy and responsiveness from the network.

-> Our €99/year subscription, i.e. €8.25 per month, gives you access to EDGE and 4G networks anywhere in the world, a state-of-the-art mobile application, approved flight assistance and unlimited roaming.

What does the INCERT label mean in the field of vehicle safety?

Since 2002 INCERT is the quality brand in the field of theft protection and vehicles in Belgium. To protect your vehicle against theft, you must be able to count on a reliable security chain from end to end. INCERT certified installers have proven their know-how and a very demanding service level.

INCERT also certifies the products used in car alarm systems, the alarm centers that handle and monitor alarms, as well as the distributors of remote surveillance equipment.

Thanks to the INCERT quality label, you can choose your installer, your equipment and your alarm system with complete peace of mind. INCERT : a security chain where all the links are solid !