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Vehicle alarm certified by the INCERT label. Our AL solution is approved by insurance companies and meets the AL1 standard. The AL standard designates an alarm system that uses a siren that emits an acoustic signal upon detection of an intrusion. This detection is done by protecting all the doors, the trunk and the hood (called perimeter detection) and by observing a change in volume in the vehicle (volumetric detection).

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Track & Trace (TT) system

GPS tracker certified by the INCERT label and approved by the insurance companies. Several solutions are possible depending on the wishes of the vehicle owner or his insurer within the framework of the acceptance of the risk against theft. Our TT solutions are compatible with all makes of vehicles and meet the TT1, TT2, TT3 and TT4 standards.

Our TT INCERT solutions

TT 1:
It is a geolocation system that indicates the position of the vehicle. This system is connected to an alarm center that calls the customer in case of alerts (sabotage or towing). If the alert is related to a theft, the alarm center contacts the police to carry out the recovery of your vehicle.
TT 2:
It is the same system as the TT1 with automatic signaling to the alarm center in case of lack of driver identification. In case of non identification, the alarm is automatic and the control room immediately warns the owner. The advantage of this system is that it is possible to detect a theft at the moment it occurs and to warn the alarm center immediately.
TT 3:
It is the same system as the TT1 with a restart prevention to immobilize the vehicle after a stop. Once the engine is shut off, the system does not allow it to be restarted and immobilizes the vehicle.
TT 4:
It is a system that combines all the functionalities present in the other TT1, TT2 and TT3 products (i.e. geolocation, driver identification, prevention of vehicle restart in case of stop).

Certified products

INCERT certified products

To be certified, our TT INCERT solutions have passed very rigorous approvals and quality tests. They are equipped with a GPS tracker and a specific module that serves, among other things, as an engine cut-off. The wiring is also specific to our TT solutions in order to make it invisible to thieves.

INCERT certified facilities

The INCERT label certifies installers who have proven their expertise and who meet a very high level of service.

MetaTrak Plus | Mobile App

Our TT solutions come with a mobile application and web access. Stay connected to your vehicle at all times. Click on the "Learn More" button or watch our video to see all the features of MetaTrak Plus.

Subscription without surprises!

Depending on your needs, our TT solutions are accompanied by the subscription formula of your choice.

from 254,00€/year | Unlimited Roaming | VAT Incl.

International Coverage

Theft assistance 24H/7D

Access to the MetaTrak Plus app

Discover the features

Our TT solutions give you access to a multitude of features that our EasyTrak GPS tracker also offers.

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Find an Assembly Station near you

The assembly of this product requires the intervention of a INCERT certified professional installer.
The price varies according to the model of your vehicle and the equipment to be installed. Ask for advice or a quote from one of our specialized dealers.

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