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GPS Tracker | Alarm motorcycle

Protect your BMW motorcycle

Your motorcycle deserves the best protection against theft.

Discover our three solutions motorcycle protection

Connect to your bike and protect it from theft

Informs, alerts and locates in real time
Notify your loved ones in the event of a fall
Protects your motorcycle 24/7 with dedicated assistance
Records and analyzes your rides
Also available in T342 TT0 & TT1 insurance approved version (Incert certification)
Lifetime warranty to the 1st owner for complete peace of mind*.

A true guardian angel for motorcyclists, the EasyTrak lets you know instantly in the event of theft or a problem related to the security of your motorcycle. It also notifies your relatives in the event of an accident by giving them the address of the place where it occurred. If your motorcycle is stolen, our theft assistance locates it and guides the police to recover it quickly.

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Recover your motorcycle in case of theft

Battery-powered GPS post-flight recovery device
Very easy to place anywhere
Protects your motorcycle 24/7 with dedicated assistance
Lifetime warranty to the 1st owner for complete peace of mind*.

The Pulsar protects your motorcycle completely undetectable to the sniffer of GPS trackers. It communicates the position of your motorcycle to you at most once every hour. In case of theft, activate real-time location and call our flight assistance.

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3. Defcom3.1b | Motorcycle alarm

Prevent your motorcycle from being stolen

Powerful 116dB siren with internal battery backup against tampering
Immobilizer with automatic activation
Independent anti-scratch remote control
Also available as a connected alarm (Telematic DefCom)
Recognized by the majority of insurance companies

If you are looking for a simple and effective protection solution, the Defcom3.1b is made for you. Once armed, its built-in gyroscope and sensors react to the slightest attempt to move, tow or break into. The powerful 116dB self-powered siren goes off to scare away thieves instantly. Recognized by insurance companies.

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High Tech Robust Certified solutions for your motorbike


Defcom 3.1b

Theft assistance
Audible alarm
Mobile application
431.10 € (member rate)
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GPS tracker


Theft assistance
Audible alarm
Mobile application
323,10 € (member rate)
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GPS tracker

EasyTrak Smart

Theft assistance
Audible alarm
Mobile application
368,10 € (member rate)
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Alarm connected

Telematic Defcom

Theft assistance
Audible alarm
Mobile application
719,10 € (member rate)
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The prices indicated are VAT (21%) and installation included.

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    Securing your motorcycle is our mission

    Meta System has been the leader in embedded security for over 45 years. They offer a range of high-performance and reliable products. This is why they are fitted as standard by the biggest motorcycle manufacturers: BMW, KTM, Suzuki... Don't wait any longer to protect your motorcycle and benefit from premium protection at an advantageous price.

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    Frequently asked questions

    Why should you secure your motorcycle more against theft than another vehicle?

    If stolen, they are very difficult to find.

    Motorcycles aren't just stolen for personal use. Most often for the export of spare parts or for circuit racing. The likelihood of a stolen motorcycle being found is very low, and even if it is found, it is not certain that the owner will get it back. If the new owner bought the motorcycle in good faith, he can keep it, even if it is proven to be a stolen motorcycle!

    -> 96% of stolen vehicles from our customers equipped with our EasyTrak GPS tracker are found in less than 24 hours after the call to the central.

    Easy and quick to fly

    Motorcycles are extremely easy to steal and with the appearance of battery-powered grinders, chains, “U”s or padlocks are no longer effective. Then the thieves load the motorcycle into a van in less than 60 seconds. Most thefts are carried out on new or very recent motorcycles. In Belgium, there are on average 25,000 new motorcycles registered each year and there are more than 3,000 thefts of motorcycles and scooters annually.

    -> Our EasyTrak GPS tracker instantly notifies you of theft.

    Motorcycle theft insurance is overpriced.

    In Belgium, to benefit from full or partial compensation following the theft of your motorcycle over 125cm3, you must take out Full Omnium insurance which will cost you between €160 and €300 per month depending on the insurance company. Without guaranteeing you to be 100% compensated because you must meet all the conditions to benefit from it.

    -> You benefit from our certified and approved flight assistance for only 99€/year or 8,25€ per month.

    What are the rules for recovering a stolen motorcycle using a GPS tracker?

    Before buying a GPS tracker, it is important to know that in Belgium there are rules and laws regarding the recovery of stolen objects or vehicles. You have probably already heard about the stolen Smart Phones that can be geolocated but the police cannot intervene under penalty of breaking the law. Aberrant, isn't it? But that's the law.

    Only GPS trackers, accompanied by a remote monitoring service approved by the ministry, are effective for recovery after the theft of stolen vehicles with the support of the police.

    Why ? Because as soon as the alarm center takes control of the GPS tracker of the stolen vehicle, the location stops for the owner in order to comply with the law aimed at protecting the privacy of the thief.

    Are ineffective for post-flight recovery:

    – The mobile applications and the original tracers of the vehicle

    – All plotters that do not include an approved alarm center

    We have been selling GPS trackers since 2014 with products that meet the requirements of the market and the Belgian law. We have a range of products certified by the INCERT label proving the quality and efficiency of our products. Security is a job that we take very seriously and must be done in a very procedural and professional way.

    How effective are GPS trackers without subscription?

    If on the GPS tracker market there are products with or without paid subscription, it is because there are significant differences between these products that it is important to understand.

    • The first difference is that a GPS tracker without subscription does not have an approved monitoring center to recover a stolen vehicle. In Belgium, they are ineffective for the safety of a vehicle and are generally not intended for this purpose.
    • The second difference is the network they use. In the majority of cases, for cost reasons, GPS trackers without subscription use the Sigfox network to locate the vehicle. This network is less powerful, less present (antennas) and less precise than the EDGE or 4G mobile phone network. To recover a stolen vehicle, it is extremely important to have impeccable accuracy and responsiveness from the network.

    -> Our €99/year subscription, i.e. €8.25 per month, gives you access to EDGE and 4G networks anywhere in the world, a state-of-the-art mobile application, approved flight assistance and unlimited roaming.


    What is the most effective way to secure a motorcycle?

    Although a lock, chain or disk lock is a deterrent, it is not foolproof. If the motorcycle is not secured to a pole, it is very easy for a thief to lift the motorcycle and put it directly into a pickup truck. It takes 60 seconds maximum. However, if the motorcycle is attached to a pole, it makes the thief's job slightly more difficult. At this point, he takes out his battery-powered grinder to cut your lock and, whether it is certified or not, nothing can resist him: maximum 120 seconds.

    So, to best secure your motorcycle, what should you do?

    The most effective solution is to equip your motorcycle with an audible alarm accompanied by a GPS tracker. At the slightest movement, the alarm will trigger a 116 dB loudspeaker instantly scaring away the thief and the GPS tracker will immediately alert you of the incident so that you can react as quickly as possible. Our products are equipped with backup batteries allowing them to operate without power.

    Even in the event of theft, our GPS tracker is equipped with a theft assistance service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and operated by a ministry-approved alarm center. The purpose of this service is to contact the police in order to do everything possible to recover your stolen motorcycle: 96% of our customers' stolen vehicles equipped with our EasyTrak GPS tracker are recovered within 24 hours of the call to the central station.

    What does the INCERT label mean in the field of vehicle safety?

    Since 2002 INCERT is the quality brand in the field of theft protection and vehicles in Belgium. To protect your vehicle against theft, you must be able to count on a reliable security chain from end to end. INCERT certified installers have proven their know-how and a very demanding service level.

    INCERT also certifies products used in car alarm systems, alarm centers that handle and track alarms, and distributors of remote monitoring equipment.

    Thanks to the INCERT quality label, you can choose your installer, your equipment and your alarm center with complete peace of mind. INCERT: a security chain in which all the links are solid!