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Motorcycle, quad and scooter alarm

DefCom | Protect your motorcycles, quads and scooters against theft.

Buy - 229€* VAT included

*apd - Excluding assembly costs

3 year warranty

Compatible with all brands

The DefCom alarm is designed to be installed in any type of motorcycle, quad or scooter.

Scooter alarm

Motorcycle alarm

Quad alarm

Anti-scratch remote control

The DefCom alarm is activated and deactivated via an additional remote control supplied in the box (2). The miniaturized waterproof remote control is housed in a silicone case so that it does not scratch the edge of the ignition key.

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Powerful 116 dB siren

The DefCom alarm has a powerful 116 dB siren. It alerts you that your motorcycle, quad or scooter is in danger. It has the effect of making thieves flee instantly.

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Engine shutdown

The DefCom is equipped with an integrated engine cut-off that prevents the engine of your motorcycle, quad or scooter from starting. This offers additional protection in case of theft.

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Shock & motion detection

The alarm is equipped with a gyroscope that detects every movement of the motorcycle, quad or scooter. Your motorcycle is secured against any suspicious aggression. As soon as the thief removes the kickstand and puts your motorcycle upright, the alarm goes off!

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Internal battery backup!

In the event of a power failure, the alarm is equipped with an internal battery backup that allows it to be triggered and secure your vehicle.

Alarm + GPS tracker

To further improve the protection of your motorcycle, quad or scooter, switch to the connected alarm. The DefCom alarm can be coupled with our EasyTrak GPS tracker. You will be notified instantly by SMS, App and Mail when the alarm is triggered. It is the most complete solution against theft!

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Power supply: 12V (10V-15)
Connection type : Analog (wiring)



The installation of this product requires the intervention of a professional installer. The price may vary depending on the complexity of your vehicle and the material to be installed. Ask for advice or a quote from one of our specialized dealers.

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